Polytechnic Education, Gothenburg

"Quicksave are the best rescue tools that have been developed since the "Ringbouys" to rescue people in distress at water rescue, both in the watersurface as below. The tool is a great help for a rescue diver at stake and Rescue "


Dan Hedberg
Leader of Education
Polytechnic education
Góthenburgs City Education


Rescue Diver, Dala-Mitt

"Quicksave works like a regular buoy on the surface but this can bring down beneath the surface. and it is very easy to use."

Anders Högosta, Rescue Diver
Firedepartment DalaMitt


Swedish Lifesaving Association, Gotland

"The best part about Quicksave PRO is that it gives a lot of buoyancy and takes up very little space. It’s handy for us with our small rescue boats. It also gives the victim buoyancy and gives you more control over the rescue."


Swedish Lifesaving Association, Gotland
Tord Thuresson, Zurveillance Manager