Tests together with Medelpads Firedepartment both in the pool and in the Ocean:


See the movie over the new products QS BELT that inflates in three secounds perfect when falling into icecalled water and QS BUOY can be used as an inflateable lifebouy in the boat.

QS BELT - now also in camouflage!

Moss Firedepartment in Norway are practising with Quicksave:

Quicksave in France

Quicksave will be showcased in France by our partners at Wescue.com on September 26th.

Quicksave used by the Rescue Department in MONACO:
For more information contact www.wescue.com

Military Department in Falun, Sweden buys QS Belt for saftey in water.

Quicksave are used on beaches in Malmoe, Sweden

QuickSave Rescue Equipment has repeatedly been used in emergency and critical situations during the summer 2013 - on five beaches in Malmö: Ribergsborg, Sibbarb, Klagshamn, Scaniabadet and Sundspromenaden.

Quicksave in Norway

Quicksave PRO10 ready to be shipped to Norway Quicksave PRO10 ready to be shipped to Norway
Quicksave Torpedo, PRO10 and PRO20 is ready in stock to be ready to be shipped.

En liten rubrik.

For professional users how to use Quicksave on Ice-Rescue:

Quicksave in Brazil:

This demonstration happened in a State named:Paraiba in a town named Joao Pessoa.

The lifeguard really liked the product. They did a presentation with someone submerged, and a life guard came save him with the torpedo.

When the Lifeguard arrived on the sand, he did the comments:'' This product helps a lot the lifeguard saving a life, the torpedo doesn't make any friction with the water, and also the buoyancy is really nice.

The product save energy of the lifeguard''. For more information:

Quicksave in Germany/Deutchland on Boat Fair

Quicksave Rescue Equipment has been on the Internationell Boot Fair 2014 in Düsseldorf, represented with Water Rescue.de.

THANK YOU to all visitors!

See the movie from the fair made by DLRG TV: (In German language)

TV spot on Swedish Sea Life Saving Association