QS Torpedo

3 645 kr
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QS Torpedo (Waiste Holster) inkl bogser lina
QS Torpedo is the professionals choice when it comes to inflatable Rescue Equipment.

It's an inflatable Rescue Tube which can be connected around the victim, either 
on the water surface or below the surface, down to 10 m depth.

The QS Torpedo is designed in co-operation with professional open water life guards.

It´s especially designed for rescue operations from life saving rescue boards and is
easier to swim with than conventional rescue tubes since both hands are free.
Then being towed to safety by the life guard the victim floats with the head facing up above water level. 

QS Pool Torped ships with either a Waiste Holster or a Chest holster. Make sure to
choose the one you want in the dropdown menu.

Made of aluminium with a inflatable nylon tube, its extrememly durable.

The unit is re-loadable, and it only takes a minute to prepare it for the next use. 
Just insert a new CO2-cylinder and you are ready to use it again.

Don't forget to add CO2-Cylinders in your basket before placing the order or purchase the QS Torpedo Bundle for the whole package.